Together we can feed the world and the soil in a sustainable way, naturally…

We, Ferm O Feed, are part of the Den Ouden Group, a family owned Dutch company that has been in existence for almost seven decades. Management is active run by the third generation of the family. We are producers and exporters of organic based fertilisers throughout 65 countries across the world. With an extensive product range and a growing portfolio, our strength lies in the fact that we control the entire supply chain from production to delivery.

We use high quality raw materials, the best technologies and agronomic knowledge to provide sustainable solutions to food and crop production across the world, thereby contributing to the international mandate of food security.

This is a global challenge for the agriculture industry. With our products, land can be cultivated in a sustainable way where yields are increased and quality of harvest guaranteed in an environmentally friendly way.

With our innovations and continuous research around organic fertilisers, we aim to provide sustainable long term solutions to help overcoming the challenge of feeding the world. We offer farmers, large and small, natural and tailored solutions to support their contributions to food production.

Rob den Ouden
Sales Director