Added value and benefit of other products

4-2-10 Higher natural potassium special for stronger plants, fruits. Also suitable for soils low in potassium.
4-10-2 With special slow release phosphates for young plants or phosphate fixing soils.
8-5-8 Natural concentrated nutrients especially for soils low in nutrients.
6-8-10 Product based on natural higher phosphate and potassium resources.
12-1-0 Slow release organic based nitrogen for soils or crops who need extra nitrogen.
4-3-7 Special for soils who are well balanced.
8-3-3 Organic-Mineral for a fast supply of nitrogen when crops need it.
2-2-2 Product high in organic matter to enrich soils.

Recommended quantities FERTIPLUS® 4-3-3

  • Above figures are an indication.
  • The dosage depends on local soil & weather conditions.
  • Recommended rates are for full production tree/shrub/plant.
  • For tree/shrub/plant in development stage or without production, rates can be lowered.
  • Above rates are advised on a complementary based fertilization.
  • In most of the times extra nutrients should be applied depending on soil analysis or crop stage.