The difference between Organic and Chemical Fertilizers

The difference between Organic and Chemical Fertilizers

Chemical fertilizer is a fertilizer composed of non-organic cultivated elements that stimulate the growth of crops. They consist of chemical nutritional elements that are artificially extracted. Chemical fertilizers are uniform and constant in composition and work faster than organic fertilizers because they almost immediately dissolve in water. However, they work for a short time. That’s why they cannot provide plants with the necessary nutrition for a long time. Also, no organic material is added to the soil, so the soil life will not be enriched or stimulated. Because chemical fertilizers are very salty, they extract the moisture from the soil.

Organic Fertilizers

Organic fertilizers can play a role if you want to grow crops in a more sustainable way. They have several advantages over chemical fertilizers. Organic fertilizers are made out of natural materials that are extracted from animal or vegetable material. Therefore, this type of fertilizer is more environmentally friendly, but it also takes more time for the nutrients of these fertilizers to reach the plant. This seems to be a disadvantage, but because of the gradual release of the nutrients the risk of over-fertilization is very small in contrast to chemical fertilizers.

Organic fertilizers strengthen the natural processes on the land and feed not only the plant, but also the soil. This creates a versatile soil life making plants visibly more vital and resilient. Organic fertilizers also focus on preventive protection of the plant. The resistance to pests and diseases is increased in a natural way.

Benefits of organic fertilizers

✔️ Organic fertilizers ensure an airy soil structure

✔️ The use of organic fertilizers makes the soil healthier and more fertile

✔️ Organic fertilizers are available to the crop for a longer period than chemical fertilizers

✔️ Organic fertilizers do - unlike chemical fertilizers - not contain sodium (salts)

✔️ The resistance of the crop is increased naturally

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