Ferm O Feed takes over Plant Health Cure (PHC)

Ferm O Feed takes over Plant Health Cure (PHC)

Plant Health Cure (PHC) has become part of Ferm O Feed since 1 January 2021. Hereby, Ferm O Feed strengthens its position in the market for Organic Fertilizers, Biostimulants and other solutions for the soil and plants. With this acquisition, Ferm O Feed can be even more of an added value for its customers. Pius Floris (PHC): “In order to continue the growth, connections were sought and found with Ferm O Feed. Various synergies are possible with the other activities of Ferm O Feed and mother organization Den Ouden, allowing both companies to develop further”.

In the last 7 years, PHC has developed into a market leader at improving plant health in the Netherlands. In 2022, the new European fertilizer regulation will come into effect. This regulation includes the Biostimulants and (liquid) Organic Fertilizers that PHC produces.

With the acquisition of PHC, we are able to offer an even more complete package in which all products and services have a direct link to our soil, cultivation and nature in general. All our products and services  contribute to a healthy, fertile and livable world. This acquisition gives us more possibilities to respond to the increasing demand of (total) solutions for soil health and soil design.

About Plant Health Cure BV

PHC is a specialist and leader in the field of mycorrhizal technology and soil biology. It supplies useful soil fungi, soil bacteria and other solutions which make plants more resilient and make them function better. PHC's activities include projects ranging from land reclamation to the cultivation of Fusarium-free bananas, fruit growing and arable farming. PHC employs 14 people and supplies its products in more than 29 countries worldwide, with the Netherlands as the largest sales market.