World's largest cluster of grapes produced with organic fertilizer

In Los Palacios just south of Seville in Spain, the largest cluster of grapes ever was produced by Sebastián Gómez Falcón.

The cluster weighs 10 kilos and 180 grams and is the heaviest bunch ever. Sebastián uses sub-brand RIGER as organic fertilizer on his estate. In spring when the vines of the Red Globe variety emerge, Sebastián immediately sees that the development is more vigourous thanks to the organic fertilizer of FERM O FEED.

Since 5 years he uses RIGER with great satisfaction. In Los Palacios, RIGER is marketed by the farmers association Las Nieves. According to Guinessbook of Records, the heaviest cluster of grapes so far was produced in Chile and weighed 9 kilos and 400 gr. In the picture Sebastián with the bunch of grapes with left Reitze van het Meer, sales manager of FERM O FEED in Spain, and right Miguel Ángel the agronomist of the farmers association Las Nieves.

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