How the application of Fertiplus© improved the Sugar Cane production in Mozambique

how fertiplus fertilizers improved sugar cane growth with soil improvers
positive results fertiplus pellets and amino plus

A few months ago, one of our partners has sent us a soil analysis, because they discovered a real stagnation in the growth of sugar cane. Based on the analysis and discussions with the grower, we discovered that there were two major problems: Low biological activity in the soil and Heat/drought stress.

Therefore, we advised to apply Fertiplus 4-3-3© pellet fertilizers to increase the biological activity in the soil. In addition, the grower used several foliar applications of Fertiplus Amino+© to help his crop through the stress period. The first results indicate that this did not only save his crop, but yielded taller sugarcane with a higher sugar content. See all the positive results of our fertilizers below.

Fertiplus 4-3-3© & Fertiplus Amino+©:

✔️ Stimulate the biological activity in the soil

✔️ Maximize the uptake of essential nutrients

✔️ Protect the crop against abiotic

✔️Increase the overall quantity and quality of the yield


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