The importance of a good and healthy soil

Healthy soil by Fertiplus Organic Fertilizers
Healthy soil by Fertiplus Organic Fertilizers

The importance of a good and healthy soil

The soil is the basis for a good yield and quality of crops. The chemical, biological and physical properties of the soil determine the conditions for enabling plant growth: the availability of nutrients, water and air, but also the suppression of plant diseases. A soil in good condition allows crops to grow more easily and will therefore produce more and better crops.

However, the quality of the soil lays under pressure. Excessive reuse of the land and less crop variation causes more risk of soil-borne diseases and pests. Heavy mechanization, excessive use of chemical fertilizers and late-season harvesting under poor conditions spoil the soil structure. Insufficient supply of organic matter leads to a shortage of important (micro) nutrients and thereby a decrease in soil fertility. This will effect crop growth.

Soil improvement methods, in particular organic matter management and the prevention & elimination of structural problems, require an investment in the short term, but in the long term these measures will return on investment. A few methods are mentioned:

  • Better moisture management whereby moisture is more retained and irrigation is less necessary
  • Preventing leaching of nutrients by increasing the retention capacity of the soil and allowing the plant to root optimally for better nutrient absorption
  • A better soil structure ensures undisturbed root growth and less energy is required for tillage
  • The resilience of plant diseases is increased by a richer soil life and causes less stress during the growth of crops.

Most of these measures can be realized by using Organic Fertilizers. Organic Fertilizers are exclusively built from natural raw materials that are obtained from animal or vegetable material. The use of Organic Fertilizers is environmental-friendly and has a positive influence on the soil and thereby your crops. When used, the soil life becomes thoroughly activated and the soil structure improves considerably. Due to the gradual release of the nutrients in Organic Fertilizers, the risk of over-fertilization is very small, in contrast with the use of chemical fertilizers. This will benefit the growth of your crops. In this blog we explain more differences between Organic and Chemical fertilizers.  

If you have more questions about achieving or maintaining a healthy soil, please feel welcome to contact us.

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