Introducing: Liquid Fertilizers & Amino+ by Ferm O Feed

Liquid fertilizers
Liquid Fertilizers by Ferm o Feed

Ferm O Feed is constantly looking for new, innovative ways to preserve and improve the fertility of the earth. We have been doing this for years through our high-quality organic fertilizers.

Our search for the best available products for the soil and the crop has not stopped. To help the farmer improve the quality and yield of their harvest, new products have been added to our product range: FERTIPLUS® Liquid Organic Fertilizers and FERTIPLUS® Amino+.

Our liquid fertilizers are composed of 100% natural components and are applicable by spraying and drip irrigation. Thereby they are immediately absorbable for the crop and very economical in use. Low doses can be applied accurately to the crop when mixed with water. By applying the liquid fertilizers, the balance in the soil will be maintained or restored. The high content of trace elements and sugars contributes to a healthy and effective soil life and therefore to healthy plants. Our liquid fertilizers strengthen the vitality of the plant, making it more resistant to diseases and reducing the amount of pesticides. The use of liquid fertilizers increases production per hectare, while less nitrogen and phosphate is required.


In addition to three compositions of liquid fertilizers, we are introducing Amino+. Amino+ is a high-quality bio-stimulant that provides the plant with a considerable amount of amino acids to become stronger and more resilient. Amino+ by Ferm O Feed has a broad spectrum of enzymatically hydrolysed amino acids in a biological active form and the lowest percentages of salt, chlorine and ash. A plant needs 20  essential amino acids in a well-balanced ratio and this is exactly what Amino+ provides. By applying the product the plant will save the energy that it normally needs to produce its own amino acids and can use it for other vital processes.

Critical moments in the cultivation cycle

We advise to use Amino+ during critical, yield-determining moments in the cultivation cycle. It has a great added value in the growth phase and during fruit development, but also during periods of drought, heavy rainfall, strong winds or high temperatures. By applying Amino+ just before or during a stressful period, the plant becomes stronger and more resilient. Tests of the product in various circumstances have shown positive results.

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