New Liquid Fertilizer 7-2-2 will ensure a good start of the plants

Next to Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4 and Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7 we have added the product Fertiplus® Liquid Fertilizer 7-2-2 to our product range.

Fertiplus® Liquid Fertilizer 7-2-2 is an organic certified fertilizer for use in all crops. This liquid fertilizer contains a sophisticated combination of fast and slow release nitrogen. This gives this unique fertilizer an operation to more than 3 weeks (depending on the quality of life in the soil). Apply it regularly to give the plants a balanced growth. Fertiplus® Liquid Fertilizer 7-2-2 is ideal for foliar fertilization, drip irrigation system, irrigation system, or gutters.

Because of its low salinity, this fertilizer does not represent any risk of burning. The high content of trace elements and sugars contributes to a healthy and effective soil life and thus to a healthy plant. This liquid fertilizers is composed of 100% natural products from the sugar beet and potato industry, without any chemical additions.

Remarkable characteristics in Fertiplus® Liquid Fertilizer 7-2-2 are:

  • Improves the soil life
  • Avoids leaching of precious minerals
  • Odourless product
  • Less need for water
  • Increased resistance to stress after cutting
  • Provides closed growth and compact root system

Fertiplus® Liquid Fertilizer 7-2-2 is available in containers of 1000 liter IBC and 20 liter jerry can.