Reducing Abiotic Stress with Amino Acids

Reduce Abiotic Stress with Amino Acids

Reducing Abiotic Stress with Amino Acids 

When a crop goes through a stressful period, for example due drought or cold, or immediately after a herbicide or fungicide spray, the crop will respond to this by means of a stress reaction. A stress response requires the production of new proteins, and therefore a large amount of amino acids and energy. Research has shown that when a crop under the influence of stress is supplied with amino acids (foliar application), the crop can use these amino acids directly for the production of proteins. As a result, the crop has to spend less energy on the stress response, reducing growth delay and loss of yield.

Our solution

Fertiplus Amino + is a balanced composition of all 20 important amino acids and other organic components that can be used to prepare or recover the crop from a stressful situation. You can read everything about this solution HERE. 

Plants experience abiotic stress during cultivation. The better you prepare your crop for this, the less it will lead to loss of yield.