Road to a unique hybrid fertilizer

road to a unique fertilizer algaenergy ferm o feed

We love to improve healthy lifecycles by developing organic growing solutions. Knowledge, collaboration, joy and executing field tests are essential in our workflow to create innovative products. On the 10th of April, we have for the first time applied a brand-new hybrid fertilizer with microalgae in cooperation with AlgaEnergy.  

About the Fertilizer 

After several production trials and lab tests, we have made a unique hybrid product combining the best of bio-stimulation and organic fertilization. Both AlgaEnergy and Ferm O Feed are very satisfied with the new product. After internal testing, we have moved to the field in Lebrija (Spain) to apply the product in the cultivation of peppers.   

Field trial 

To measure the positive outcomes, we have planted peppers on two fields: one with application of the hybrid and one without. All other agricultural treatments will be exactly the same during the growing cycles. Harvest and evaluation will be expected at the end of August or the beginning of September.  

Curious about the upcoming results? Find Ferm O Feed I Fertiplus on social media and hit the news tab now and then! 

In cooperation with AlgaEnergy – “The most innovative and sustainable solution for the agriculture of the future”: