Organic Compound Fertilizer 8-5-8

Average composition

Dry Matter 88% min.
Moisture 12% max.
Organic matter 55%
Nitrogen (total) 7,4%
Nitrogen (organic) 7,4%
Phosphorus (P2O5) 5,4%
Potassium (K2O) 8,0%
Calcium (CaO) 10,4%
Magnesium (MgO) 0,29%
Sulfure (SO4) 11,3%
Iron (Fe) 350 mg/kg
Manganese (Mn) 16,9 mg/kg
Zinc (Zn) 69,1 mg/kg
Copper (Cu) 58 mg/kg
Boron (B) 11,1 mg/kg
Cobalt (Co) NA mg/kg
C/N 4,1
pH (10% solutions) 6,3
Pellet diameter 4 mm / 3 mm (crumb)
Density  700 kg/m3

Organic Compound Fertilizer 8-5-8 is a complex all-round organic NPK Fertilizer containing important trace elements. Due to its slow release character it does not burn the roots and leaves from young plants. Organic Compound Fertilizer 8-5-8 has a low chlorine content and can be used as a complete Fertilizer in organic cultivation. The high nitrogen content makes this Fertilizer very effective in the growth phase of the cultivation.

Added value

  • Good balance of minerals
  • Slow release Fertilizer

Areas of application

  • Vegetable cultivation
  • Fruit cultivation
  • Tree cultivation
  • Lawns

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Export outside the EU is not possible.