Fertiplus® Biostimulant Amino+

Average Composition

Total amino acids 22 %
Plant-absorbable amino acids 15 %
Organic carbon    15 %
Fulvic acids 1 %
Nitrogen total 3,7 %
Nitrogen organic 3,7 %
Chloride 0,5%
Organic Matter 25 %
Dry matter 32 %
pH 4,8 - 5,8

Amino acids are produced in all living beings and plants, and these are used to build up proteins and regulate their energy management. The active ingredients in Amino+ penetrate the plant cells and work systematically. It increases the nutrient intake and improves the effectiveness of foliar fertilizers and crop protection products. Amino+ not only works against stress, but gives the plant considerably more building blocks and therefore energy to, for example, become stronger and more powerful. The crop is stronger.

Liquid organic fertilizer Amino+ has the lowest percentage of salt, chlorine and ash content in the world as an amino acid product. These amino acids are extracted from a pharmaceutical process, resulting in a strictly controlled and clean process. The product is available in 5 and 20 liter jerry cans and IBC 1000 liters.


  • Wide spectrum of amino acid.
  • Lowest salt, ash and chloric level.
  • Highest percentage plant absorbable amino acids level.
  • Gives the crop extra energy during the growth phase.
  • Higher intake of nutrients.
  • Increases the production and quality of the crop.
  • Protects the crop better against chemical and abiotic stress.
  • Gives disease less chance.
  • Easy to spray with every leaf spray.
  • Can be applied to all types of crops.


It is advisable to use it in periods when the crop needs a physiological stimulus, such as:

  • Start of the vegetative cycle of the plant as soon as it has sufficient leaf mass.
  • Pre-flowering and petals falling phase.
  • Fruit development.

Amino+ is also recommended if the crop is exposed to unfavorable conditions (drought, cold, salinity, wind, root swelling, etc.) and in treatments for plant recovery after critical periods.

Application (recommended)

  • Leaf: Mix 5-10 liters with 150-300 liters of water per hectare
  • Irrigation: 10-50 liters per hectare per two weeks, apply the product thoroughly
  • Horticulture full soil: 100-200 liters per hectare per 2-3 weeks, apply the product thoroughly
  • Minimum dilution 1:20

Application areas

  • Agriculture
  • Greenhouse
  • Olive and Citrus cultivation
  • Fruit growing
  • Floriculture

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