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In the face of the global food crisis and diminishing resources, we need to do our best to maintain the earths' fertility in order to tackle the food shortage. FERM O FEED produces Organic Fertilizers that increase the condition of your soil by regulating the mineral content and therefore improving the crops' quality. Our Organic Fertilizers are less dense than the mineral counterpart and they are easily spread using the same machines used for the application of mineral fertilizers. Furthermore, an Organic Fertilizer is important to help the soil contain moist and prevent erosion. FERM O FEED’s Organic Fertilizers are attained by a unique and fully automatic production process that is strictly monitored by the Dutch veterinary service.

Four different types of Organic Fertilizers

FERM O FEED's Fertilizer s are very versatile in their qualities and specifically designed to meet the needs of their areas of application: they can be applied for vegetable and fruit cultivation, viniculture, tree cultivation or lawns; There are Fertiplus Organic Mineral Fertilizers that are ideal for golf courses and rice cultivation due to their good balance of minerals and consistent release of minerals; Fertiplus COW, a product made out of 100% cow manure is easy to spread and dissolves quickly, which makes it ideal for vegetable gardens, roses and ornament cultivation. Furthermore, FERM O FEED produces Biological Fertilizers which consist only of natural products and contain important trace elements and enzymes that help the crops development. Additionally, another organic Fertilizer type out of the range of FERM O FEED products are the 'special Fertilizers' for very specific areas of application such as citrus fruits, olives, coffee and for potato cultivation.

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