Fertiplus® Olive 4-3-7 with B

Average composition

Dry matter 88% min.
Moisture 12% max.
Organic matter 60%
Humic and Amino acids 12%
Nitrogen (N total) 3,8%
Nitrogen (N organic) 3,4%
Nitrogen (N ammonium) 0,4%
Phosphorus (P205) 2,9%
Potassium (K20) 6,7%
Calcium(Ca0) 8,0%
Magnesium (Mg0) 0,8%
Sulfure 6,0%
Iron (Fe) 1000 mg/kg
Manganese (Mn) 475 mg/kg
Zinc (Zn) 375 mg/kg
Copper (Cu) 85 mg/kg
Boron (B) 35 mg/kg
Molybdenum (Mo) 10 mg/kg
Cobalt (Co) 2 mg/kg
Sodium (Na2O) 0,5% max.
Chlorine (Cl) 0,5% max.
C/N 9
PH 6-7
Pellet diameter 5-6 mm
Density 700 kg/m3

Through additions to our proven successful Fertilizers, we have been able to develop a product that is directly applicable for olive cultivation. Our Fertiplus® Olive contains boron (B). This encourages soil activity, and helps the trace elements to be better absorbed into the soil. In addition to boron, we added potassium (K) to the product. This triggers the growth and development of the fruits, resulting in healthy plants that are less vulnerable to weather influences and diseases or plagues. It also significantly improves the quality, format and tastiness of the fruits.


  • Better absorbion of trace elements
  • Less vulnerable to weather influences and diseases or plagues
  • Improved format of the fruits
  • Improved tastiness of the fruits

Areas of application

  • Olive cultivation

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