Results citrustests - Spain

In finca Agroquimicos Onofre, Campana de Lorca in the province Murcia, Spain a test is being done with Fertiplus® and Grapefruits from 2015 till 2018. In 2015 a testfield was planted with a total of one hectare, diveded over two irrigation sectors. Both fields are fully identical  watered and fully identical provided with fertilizers. On the Fertiplus® plot an amount of 0,5 kg per tree (with a total of 1 kg per tree) is added twice to the irrigation hole (a hole is made under each dropper, water can falls in this hole). 

In 2016, these young trees were harvested for the first time. Here it was striking that the trees fertilized with Fertiplus® Citrus (4-3-7, 60% organic matter) were considerably more bearing fruit than the trees on the testfield.  Probably the reason for this was rejecting of fruit because of a lack of Zn and/or Mn. That is why it has been decided to add a Zn- and Mn-EDDHA gift via the irrigation during the planting in 2017. With this measure we want to provide the rejecting of fruit because of a lack of Zn and/or Mn.

The second harvest in October 2017 showed a significant improvement in the test field, compared to the Fertiplus® field. The difference between the fields is 10%, in favor of the Fertiplus® field.  

At the moment we can conclude that the reason for the big difference in the harvest (more than 35%) we have seen in 2016 is a lack of Zn and/or Mn in the test field. When Zn and Mn are added to the irrigation hole the difference between the fields decreases. We can also conclude that adding Fertiplus® increases the quantity of Zn and/or Mn.  Fertiplus® consists of a large amount of Zn (350 mg per tree) and Mn (400 mg per tree) and this is available and effective for the crop (less rejecting of fruit).  Finally, eventough the considerable improvement of the test field the additional yield of the Fertiplus® field is still 10% higher. The net financial benefit is 5%, this is the advantage after deduction of the costs incurred for Fertiplus® and the adding thereof.

Some advantages of Organic Ferrtilizers Citrus over other (wet) manure are:

  • Simply and quickly applicable 
  • hygienic and free of weed seeds 
  • Solid composition
  • Could be kept for a long period