Faster growth of mother strawberry plants - Poland

Faster growth of mother strawberry plants with Fertiplus®!

We are strawberry plants producers. Every year we produce approx. 8.000.000 plants. In our case, Fertiplus® is used in the place of natural manure, before planting of mother plants, on desinfected soil. Natural manure can't be used directly before mother plant planting, because of the risk of bringing to cleaned soil, weed seeds, nematods, etc. This problem does not exist with Fertiplus. We are using it together with starter fertilizers, directly before planting in a dose 1200 - 1500 kg/ha, depending on soil quality.

Analyzing the positive effects of the use of Fertiplus®, we can see faster growth of mother plants and also the ealier emergence of runners. The final result of the production is approx. 10% higher than on the control surface. Because of this, we are using Fertiplus® for 10 years and we are sure to continu it in the future.

Mr. Skalski, SKAPLANT - Poland