Very positive reactions about Fertiplus® - Uganda

The Fertiplus® fertilizer is a new type of planting fertilizer in the Busoga region, which Mutuma Commercial Agencies has bought for its farmers. The results obtained show that 95% of the farmers who have used Fertiplus®, have found it suitable for seasonal crops grown in the Busoga region, e.g. cotton, maize, water melon, passion fruits, beans, soya bean, and many more.

Farmers said that Fertiplus® has increased their yield by 65%, compared to other fertilizers that had been formerly used by farmers across the Busoga region. It has been found to be with the following specific advantages:

  1. It has been proved to be 100% organic fertilizer.
  2. If it is planted together with the seed, it will not affect the seed in germination.
  3. It accelerates growth and reduces on the days of maturity.
  4. It helps the soils to retain water, even at scanty rain.
  5. Where Fertiplus® fertilizers has been applied, the fertility has remained for more than two seasons.
  6. It increases on the size and sweetness of the fruit.

There are some farmers who have used Fertiplus® and declared the following results:

  1. Mrs. Nakagwa Jane, cotton farmer. Used to get 450 kg average yield per acre of land and when she applied Fertiplus®, she got 1.300 kg.
  2. Mrs. Robinah K., cotton farmer. Planted four acres and harvested 3.510 kg, which she had never harvested before from that piece of land.
  3. Mr. Mutebi Ronald, cotton farmer, who planted cotton and rain disappeared for approximately two months, but he managed to harvest even though he did not water the crop which would be impossible with other fertilizers.
  4. Mr. Waisiki Isaac, water melon farmer, said it increased growth and reduced on the days of maturity.
  5. Tumusiime Dan, passion fruits farmer, he said that the size of fruits were bigger and with more juice than it used to be before planting with Fertiplus® fertilizers, which help him to out compete during marketing.
  6. Baitenswa Charles, applied it on cotton and maize.
  7. Muwanguzi Emmanuel, applied it on maize.