Mr.Chi-Shiang Chang, Ho-Ping Village, Taichung County – Taiwan

Fertiplus® works so fine!

Mr. Chi-Shiang Chang is a grower of Persimmon and Citrus. On his two hectare farm he grows 600 trees of Persimmon and 200 trees of Citrus. The farm is located in the hills and can only be reached by a small road. The soil is very poor in organic matter and consists besides sand mainly of small rocks. Because of this, the water retaining capacity of the soil is very low (the water leaches out immediately). The availability of water is no problem, as a small river crosses the farm and the complete farm has an irrigation system. Besides water chemical fertilizers would leach out also directly, that’s why Organic fertilizer RIGER 4-3-3 works so fine.

Mr. Chi-Shiang Chang has been using our products for a long time. For Persimmon he applies 1 bag of 20 kg Ferm O Feed organic fertilizer per tree per year. For Citrus he uses 3 bags of 20 kg each year. Besides the organic fertilizer Mr. Chi-Shiang Chang also uses a small quantity of NPK fertilizers. Sometimes also potting soil is added around the trees in order to increase the water absorbing capacity of the soil.

Especially for the Persimmon the effect of the organic fertilizer can be easily seen, as the farmer on the other side of the road grows the same crop, but does not use organic fertilizer. The colour of the leaves of the trees without organic fertilizer is less dark. Moreover, the leaves of the trees without organic fertilizers are curling up. Because of this, these leaves can catch much less sunlight, which results in a decrease of the photosynthesis process and smaller fruits.