Trial results in Olive cultivation - Spain

From January 2015 to 2018 trails with the use of 'Fertiplus Olive' in the intesive olive cultivation are being done at at Finca El Bonal in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), Spain (at the initiative of Ferm O Feed). 

On the estate is an olive grove of 268 hectares. On 8 hectares test are being done with different doses. The olive tests are supervised by Entre Campo s.l. from Montilla (Cordba). Entre ZCampo is an agricultural advisor specialised in intensive olive and viticulture. The size of each test field is 714 adult trees. The total yield from 714 adult trees (10-20 years old) is measured per test field. 

The increase in the yield which was observed in 2015 and 2016 was also observed in 2017. When the yield of olives increases considerably, the oil content in the olives decreases. This is not uncommon, it happens in most cases. The same thing was namely observed in the past with industrial tomatoes and sugar beets. 

The spring of 2017 was extremely dry. This did not benefit the proceeds. Olive trees have a two-year cycle, which is mainly due to pruning and crop damage. In addition, it has frozen a few nights before the harvest this does not benefit the absolute harvest. But it does increase the oil content. This increase of the oil content can be returned to moisture loss of the fruit. There was also considerable fruit fall from the trees because of the frost, and especially from the trees with the most mature fruits. All in all, 2017 was not a good trial year due to drought and frost, limiting factors of the yield had nothing to do with soil fertility. 

Some benefits of Fertiplus Olive in comparison with unprocessed manure:

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Hygienic and free from weed seeds
  • Solid composition
  • Good shelf life

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