Potato and berry test fields show good results - Bosnia-Herzegovina

Recently Mr. Davor Selak (our agent in former Yugoslavian countries) visited potato and berry test fields in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

These test fields are from Vino Duhan, a farm in Bosnia and Herzegovina which is owned by Mr. Ante Bozic since 1992. The farm is a reliable business partner in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mr. Ante Bozic uses the organic fertilizers potting soil and liquid fertilizers from FERTIPLUS® for a few years now.

Mr. Ante Bozic is now testing FERTIPLUS® Liquid and Solid fertilizers on his potatoes. So far the crops show good results in quality and quantity due to the fertilization.  
For the berries Mr. Alen Bozic is testing  FERTIPLUS® 4-3-3 and FERTIPLUS® 4-3-7. He is also satisfield about these results. The berries are bigger and more constant and they have a better leaf.