Sjeme, Croatia

The Croatian coastal area where we place most of FERTIPLUS® has no seriously big growers but the majority of them are small growers with 1-10 ha of cultivable land. Mainly they are hobbyists, amateurs who produce for their own needs and a little bit for the market. With the entrance of Croatia into the EU the legislative and the norms concerning livestock production has been accepted which caused the drastic decrease of livestock in the whole costal area. Thus the serious need to ensure extra quantities of organic fertiliser appeared. Also the awareness of the necessity for environment friendly ecological agricultural production that is present with all our small growers contributed to this.

Sjeme found the best solution in Ferm O Feed and all forms of FERTIPLUS®, the best price-quality ratio, put Sjeme on the market very competitively towards other European geographically closer producers of pelletized organic fertilisers. Sjeme support its position on the market by strong promotion through all kinds of media, TV, radio, newspapers, magazines… They promote the advantages of FERTIPLUS® constantly, and with it also the values of Sjeme d.o.o. and they achieve impressive results. And most importantly the purchased quantities grow significantly every year