Successful trail in winter wheat and barley - Hungary

Successful trail in winter wheat and barley, Hungary.

Due to our effort of our agent Atilla Rasz from Dutinvest we have managed to gain great test results in Hungary.

The company that used our products started a trail were he divided his plot.  In the test he had one part fertilized only with mineral and the other part also with 500kg / ha  of our organic 4-3-3 and additional bacteria.

The crops that he tested on were winter barley and winter wheat, and the results were astonishing. On the Barley he increase his yield with 28% and on the wheat a healthy 46%! Of course we can conclude that on sandy soils there is a bigger gain by adding extra stable organic matter. But this success was bigger than our expectations. Of course we will continue following this trail for the next season and see which results we manage to achieve next year.

We keep you updated!