Ferm O Feed at BIOFACH 2020 Nurnberg

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People, ideas and tastes – BIOFACH gathers the colourful variety of the organic world in Nuremberg every year. Experience the broad spectrum of organically produced food, update on current developments in the sector, discuss and taste – and leave for home with inspiration and new contacts. 

Organic is more than a label or certification: organic stands for quality and conviction – for the responsible use of nature’s resources. BIOFACH in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg is the place where people share their passionate interest in organic food, get to know each other and exchange views, The perfect opportunity for visiting professionals to meet organic producers from the organic market and be inspired by the sector’s latest trends. Enter the world of organic products and taste!

Fertiplus Stand #5-302 at the fair

Our products are sustainable and a solution for the world wide food problem: Organic Fertilizers provide the extra support that our soil and planet need to maintain healthy and fertile. Healthy soils are the base for food production. 95% of our food is produced (in)directly in the soil. When the soil is enriched with healthy nutrients, crops will be much more valuable. FERM O FEED produces 100% Organic Fertilizers that increase the condition of the soil by regulating the mineral content and therefore improving not only the crops' quality, but also the yield of the crops. That’s not all. Here are all the positive outcomes of our organic fertilizers that you need to know:

Date: 12 - 15 February 2020 


✔️ Higher revenues due to more and bigger crop growth

✔️ Better nutritional values in fruit/vegetables

✔️ Environmentally friendly way of producing

✔️ Applicable for every soil by using unique compositions

✔️ Higher consumer trust and satisfaction because of better looking/tasting products

We offer Organic Fertilizer for a wide variety of crops; from tomatoes to apple or pears and from bananas to potatoes. Do you want to know how our 100% organic fertilizers can improve your business AND receive the FERTIPLUS SAMPLE BOX, FOR FREE? Please fill in the form below and receive the sample box at stand  #5-302 - BIOFACH conference!