Ferm O Feed at Fruit Logistica 2020 Berlin

ferm o feed at fruit logistica 2020 berlin fertilizer organic
amino acid for crop growth and soil fertility
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free fertiplus sample box at trade fair fruit logistica
Ferm O Feed at Fruit Logistica 2020

Fruit, vegetables, flowers and plants. We all want to grow them big and healthy, right? But, how do we accomplish that?

The answer: organic fertilizers that improve soil fertility.

Healthy soils are the base for food production. 95% of our food is produced (in)directly in the soil. When the soil is enriched with healthy nutrients, crops will be much more valuable.

FERM O FEED produces 100% Organic Fertilizers that increase the condition of the soil by regulating the mineral content and therefore improving not only the crops' quality, but also the yield of the crops. That’s not all. Here are all the positive outcomes of our organic fertilizers that you need to know:


✔️ Higher revenues due to more and bigger crop growth

✔️ Better nutritional values in fruit/vegetables

✔️ Environmentally friendly way of producing

✔️ Applicable for every soil by using unique compositions

✔️ Higher consumer trust and satisfaction because of better looking/tasting products

Do you want to know how our 100% organic fertilizers can improve your business AND receive the FERTIPLUS SAMPLE BOX, FOR FREE? Please fill in the form below and receive the sample box at Fruit Logistica 2020: Messe Berlin - Hall 1.2/ Fertiplus Stand B17

Date: 5 - 7 February 2020 

About Fruit Logistica Berlin 2020

3.200 exhibitors and 78.000 trade visitors attend FRUIT LOGISTICA every year. FRUIT LOGISTICA covers every single sector of the fresh produce business and provides a complete picture of the latest innovations, products and services at every link in the international supply chain. This makes the perfect oppertunity for you to network and create business oppertunities in the food industry. More info: https://www.fruitlogistica.com/