5 Apr
Fertiplus® Organic Fertilizers (Ferm O Feed) will be present at Expoliva’17 in Jaén from 10-13 May 2017. Please be welcome to visit us in our stand E3.
27 Feb
Proudly we present our renewed product catalog of Organic Fertilizers 2017/2018. This catalog contains all the organic and organic-mineral fertilizers, and potting soil and groundcover as well. 
23 Feb
A sugar beet growing company like Albert Agro EV in Bácsbokod, Hungary, where the amount of sugar gained from the harvested sugar beet on 10-year average is more than 12 tons,



Our goal is to help the Earth maintaining its fertility by producing cradle-to-cradle products in the form of organic Fertilizers. FERM O FEED products find their way all over the world; approximately 95 percent is exported to more than 60 countries. A broad product range in FERM O FEED the Organic Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizer for Biological Cultivation, Organic Mineral Fertilizer, Organic Compound Fertilizer and the Liquid Fertilizer.

Our organic fertilizers have unquestionably an answer for the specific needs of any cultivation. Our products are sustainable and a simple solution for the world wide food problem: organic Fertilizers provide the extra support that our soil and planet need to maintain healthy and fertile. FERM O FEED’s Organic Fertilizers are attained by a unique and fully automatic production process that isstrictly monitored by the Dutch veterinary service. We offer Organic Fertilizer for a wide variety of crops; from tomatoes to apple or pears and from bananas to potatoes, Naturally...

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