Production facility

Our Organic Fertilizers are produced by state-of-the-art technology under control of a highly skilled production team. The raw material is brought to our factory by trucks. Trained workers will control the raw material before it enters our installations. If the material does not fit our standards it will not be accepted.

Once in our factory, we mix the various raw materials. After the first processing step containing mixing and neutralizing, the product enters the composting area. By controlling the oxygen level and temperature the product is composted in order to obtain a stable product. Two kilo of starting prime product will yield one and a half kilo of organic Fertilizer. When the product leaves the composting process it is dehydrated and physically processed. The product is now pressed in a pellet, to be easily applied in the field. Organic Fertilizers can be spread over the land using the same machines as for mineral Fertilizers. A special sieve is used before packing the product preventing particles smaller than 2 mm (dust) to be incorporated in the commercial product. Organic Fertilizer can be packed in plastic bags of 10 kg, 20 kg of 25 kg, or in big bags of 500 kg till 1200 kg. Stored in a cool and dry place Organic Fertilizer can be maintained for a long time without loss of quality.

The quality of a fertilizer directly depends of the material from which it is produced. The raw materials used in making our fine Organic Fertilizers come from selected farms that are strictly monitored for hygiene, quality and continuity. The state-of-the-art production process, which takes place in our ultramodern factory, is continuously checked and monitored. Any germs or weed seeds are killed through our special conditioner and the special process of fermentation and drying. The final product is overseen by an independent and accredited laboratory. This guarantees its high quality. Special attention should be paid, that chicken manure is considered as "hot" and must be processed before it is added to any soil. This will avoid "burning" and over-fertilizing. Pellets are the most comfortable and safe way using chicken manure as Organic Fertilizer.

The production and distribution facilities of Ferm O Feed are located in Helmond, North Brabant province. This recently inaugurated production facility is equipped by a state-of-the-art technology and runs under control of a highly skilled production team. The production capacity is 60,000 tonnes (output) organic fertilizers per year.