Test results

Folio broccoli plants treated with solid Fertiplus showing no damage by the application of the product against the foliage of untreated control plants.

Study of biological effectiveness of organic fertilizer Fertiplus®

Nutritional assessment of broccoli with organic formulations Fertiplus® 4-3-3, 4-2-10 and 8-3-3 in the horticultural - froricultural region in the local state of Mexico.


  • Fertiplus® significantly increased plant height, length, diameter and average weight of broccoli heads
  • Fertiplus® reduced the time of broccoli heads to emerge
  • Fertiplus® improved biological performance of the broccoli plants when significantly increasing the fresh and dry weights of stem, leaves, flower head and plant
  • Fertiplus® applied before crop establishment, significantly increased the yield of fresh broccoli heads
  • Fertiplus® may be recommended for the nutrition of broccoli and other temperate crops

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