The function of our main brands

Organic Fertilizer applied in the soil has a regular function for the soil minerals. When you have problems of blocked minerals you will notice an excellent result on crop yield and quality. You will see both, a de-blocking and a regulated effect at the same time. Farmers have noticed this effect on their invoices on fertilization products. Elements do not get lost by leaching and they are not blocked but available to the crop.

Organic material is also important for moisture holding in the soil and will prevent erosion. Organic Fertilizer absorbs three times its weight in moisture while the pellet will break down. After the growing season a network of roots is observed in the place where they brought in Organic Fertilizers of Ferm O Feed. This is also the best way to show that Organic Fertilizers does not burn the roots. Our products are not only a source of equal in importance elements (macro and micro nutrients) needed for a strong and healthy growth of any plant, but also a source of organic matter to the soil. They increase the water retaining capacity, restores depleted soil to a healthy PH balance and increases beneficial microbiological activity. Complementary to mineral fertilizers.

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Our Organic Fertilizers improve the health and wellbeing of the host of your cultivation: the soil. Our pellets de-block and regulate the elements in the soil, and you will notice the consequence: an excellent result on crop yield and quality.

Decomposing or mineralisation depends on temperature, moisture and aeration of the soil. In spring, when temperature rises up, mineralisation will speed up when the plant grows. With a low C/N ratio, the pellets free nitrogen when microorganisms decompose the organic material. These organisms will also decompose organic material with a high C/N ratio. Whereas an ordinary Organic Fertilizer is used, plant growth will be negatively affected by low nitrogen availability, but during the decomposing or mineralisation process of our Organic Fertilizers the opposite happens: nitrogen will become available instead. Microorganisms demanding air from outside decompose the organic material in our products. This will aerate the soil and stimulate root activity. Organic material is also important for moisture holding in the soil and the prevention of erosion. Our pellets will absorb three times its weight while breaking down.

Organic Fertilizers, from Ferm O Feed, are an easy to use basic Organic Fertilizer with proven yield. The content of stable organic material is combined with a relatively high N-P-K content. Additionally, it's a 100% natural product that maintains trace elements, very important for enzyme and photoelectric functions of crops.

Organic Fertilizers are easy to apply in the field. Our pellets can be spread over the land using the same machine that is used for the appliance of mineral Fertilizers. Our Organic Fertilizers are less dense than mineral Fertilizers.