Ferm O Feed has introduced a traceability system. The system enables us to monitor the quality from the raw materials to the product delivered to the customer. The system works as follows: during the production process codes are assigned to each production batch of organic Fertilizer; the batch number then follows the ingredients/product on the journey to the place of administration. Samples are taken from each batch, and these samples undergo a general quality analysis. The results of these analyses are linked to the batch codes. If necessary, additional and more specific analyses can be performed on request, either during the production process or while packaging.

An example of such an analysis is testing to ensure that the product is free of pathogens. In this case the batch number is also printed on the delivery receipt and the invoice. This form of traceability is an extra service which we offer to our customers on request. The Eurogap standards and the requirements of some distribution chains can require registration of the products used during the production process. This often includes documenting the origin of the organic material and its sanitary quality.