Way of application


Solid Fertilizers

  • Plant/crop: apply 1 week prior planting and mix with the top layer of the soil.
  • Trees: distribute the fertilizer within the area above the roots if possible mix into the soil, otherwise apply before rain or use irrigation for the best results.
  • Fields: spreading 1 week prior sawing the seeds, and mix with the top layer of the soil. In case of lawns or existing field crops after spreading only use irrigation.

The excellent shape of the pellets means that Organic Fertilizers of Ferm O Feed can be very well distributed with the aid of a fertilizer spreader. Other alternative way of spreading is by hand or with the use of a sowing machine. Spreading the fertilizers will optimize the incorporation into the soil and therefore the soil structure.

Liquid Fertilizers

  • Foliar: 5-10 liters mix with 150-300 liters of water per hectare
  • Irrigation: 10-50 liters per hectare per two weeks, apply the product thoroughly
  • Horticulture open ground: 100-200 liters per hectare per 2-3 weeks, apply the product thoroughly
  • Minimal dilution 1:20 and shake or stir for use

The advantage of Liquid fertilizers is that you can adjust directly by cultivation. Especially in the development of deficiency symptoms it is necessary to react quickly. With a foliar fertilizer there are immediately visible results, with fertigation results are visible within a few days. Liquid Fertilizers can be spent on the soil hardening the crops. Root formation or flowering can be induced by a foliar spray.