September 27th | Field day "Organic Matters" in Spain

On September 27th, at 10 o'clock in the morning at the ecological olive grove of Finca San José, Benameji (Córdoba) with good weather we celebrate a field day.

We organize this day to expend our knowledge of how FERTIPLUS® works and the importance of balanced fauna in the soil for plant health. There will be two important speakers, apart from two secondary ones, but no less interesting, to explain about organic matter in the soil and good agricultural yields.

We have invited an expert in soil, not in chemical soil science but in biological soil science. Where does the availability of minerals depend on? How does life in the ground protect agricultural plantations without the use of phytosanitary products? Ways to improve moisture retention, save on irrigation and increase production.

An engineer will explain how she runs an organic olive grove that stands out for its production. An animated and stimulating talk that teaches the importance of organic matter in the soil and especially the application of FERTIPLUS®. She will complete information with her experiences on FERTIPLUS® in conventional olive grove and ecological vineyard.

Apart from talks by the speakers we have reserved time and space for the exchange of ideas and suggestions. And of course there is wine and tapas but everything revolves around the theme (s) during the day so you can look for contact with the technicians and specialists present this day.

Aim for the day? More information? You can send an email in English to