Field Day on FERTIPLUS in vineyard and olive grove

On the 10th of October, at 10 o'clock in the morning, will start our fieldday during which we will visit the ecological olive grove of Finca San José in Benameji (Córdoba).

We organize this day to deepen our knowledge about:

How does Organic Matter work in the soil and the importance of balanced fauna in the soil for plant health.

There will be two important speakers who will explain about organic matter in the soil and good agricultural yields and we visited the Organic olive grove of Finca San José to see the effects of applying Professional and Quality Organic Fertilizers as FERTIPLUS resulting in good agricultural performance.

During the introduction an expert in biological and organic soil science will tell about:

  • Where does the availability of minerals depend on.
  • How does life in the ground protect agricultural plantations without the use of phytosanitary products.
  • Ways to improve moisture retention, save on irrigation and increase production.

An agronomist will explain how she runs an organic olive grove that stands out for its production. An animated and stimulating talk that will explain the importance of organic matter in the soil. She will complete information on FERTIPLUS with her experiences in conventional olive grove, ecological olive groves and vineyard.

Then we move to the olive grove to see the results of ecological practices and still visible effects of conventional practices that were applied before on the farm. The technical staff present at the day is available to answer your questions, to interchange opinions and suggestions.

We finish with tapas and the enjoyment of an ecological wine from a vineyard that applies FERTIPLUS.

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