New Liquid Fertilizers

We added the products Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4 and Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7 to our product range.

Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4 and Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7 are organic fertilizers for use in all crops. Due to its low salinity, this fertilizer does not represent any risk of burning. The high content of trace elements and sugars contributes to a healthy, and effective soil life and thus to healthy plants. The liquids are composed of 100% natural products with no chemical additions.

The use of liquid organic fertilizers, compared to solid fertilizers, offers many advantages. The fertilizer can be spread easily, even on large plots. The Liquid fertilizers NPK can also be mixed with water, this way the plants will be provided with water and fertilizer at the same time. The liquid fertilizers are much faster and more effectively absorbed than solid fertilizers. The packing is in 1000 litre barrel and 20 litre can.

The new liquids are Control Union certified.

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