Organic Fertilizer Assistant App 1.2 is available

The Organic Fertilizer Assistant App 1.2 is now available. The app supports growers in organic agriculture and can now be used without having to login.

Efficient fertilizing

The App enables farmers to fertilize their crops more effectively, by finding the optimal combination of a maximum amount of organic and a minimum amount of mineral fertilizers. The app is able to cross-link with various databases in the fields of organic and mineral fertilizers, soil types, weather reports and community worldwide.

If we want to have a better and durable soil, it’s important that farmers use organic fertilizers. Organic or organic-mineral farming is becoming increasingly important, because we want to produce healthy food. The organic fertilizer assistant App gives the modern farmer the tools to work smartly and efficiently in an organic way.

Tailored advice

In a few simple steps growers can get an advice for the right amount of organic fertilizers, organic matter and the addition of mineral fertilizers. Simply select the crop and the soil composition, then the amount of vital crop nutrients needed for the desired yield will be given. The app calculates the exact requirement for each individual crop.

In addition, the weather reports determine when is the best moment to fertilize the field. “The farmers forum” is a platform created to inform and discuss with other farmers. Through this tool, a unique community of farmers who want to grow organically is also avalilable. On this platform growers can share their knowledge and discuss specific problems all over the world.

New in version 1.2

This version introduces a demo mode, allowing you to use the app without having to login first. Only, when placing an order or posts in the forum you must be logged in. Login can also be done with a facebook account. Additionally, in this new version, a confirmation is sent to your email address when your login information has been changed.


The app gives a global boost to the organic farming and it has been developed in 2015 by agronomists in conjunction with the organic fertilizer producer (Ferm O Feed) and app- developer (Conceptenbouwers).

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