Manuel Martinez – Constanza – Dominican Republic

After harvest potato sizes are significantly larger!

Manuel Martinez is the farm manager of a 72 hectares farm in the mountains of Dominican Republic.
The main crop is potato and as the season runs all year round. Therefore all stages of the potato growing can be seen at the same moment. As they cut the potato seedlings they only add the Fertiplus during the second drilling; this in order to avoid the risk of burning of the seedlings on the cutted sides. The use per hectare is 64 bags 25 kg of Fertiplus® (1600 kg/hectare) using only Fertiplus®. When they mix the Fertiplus® with mineral fertilizer, the use per hectare is 40 bags 25 kg of Fertiplus® (1000 kg/hectare).

After already a few weeks a significant difference can be seen in the size and intensive green color of the leaves of the potato plants. After harvest potato sizes are significantly larger compared to their production without using Fertiplus which translates into higher yields for the farmer.