Trial results in Olive cultivation - Spain

In January 2015, at the initiative of Ferm O Feed,  trials were started using Fertiplus Olive on intensive olive cultivation in Finca El Bonal in Puertollano (Ciudad Real), Spain. The property counts 268 hectares with olive cultivation and 10 hectares of them were designated for the present trial applying Fertiplus in several doses. The trials were supervised by Entre Campo S.L. from Montilla (Cordoba), an agricultural consultant specialized in intensive olive cultivation and viticulture.

The size of each test field is one hectare. The yields of 714 mature trees per experimental plot has been measured.

The results of November 2015 harvest show higher profits in those plots where Fertiplus was applied in the spring of 2015. Furthermore, improved recovery of trees after harvest and better flowering in spring was observed, so these trees presented more fruit in autumn. The olive harvest is done mechanically in November. The results will be discussed again with the harvest of November 2016 where Fertiplus has been administered in the spring of 2016.

Trials are carried out from spring 2015 to autumn 2017. In spring 2016 Fertiplus Olive was administered again. Organic fertilizer Fertiplus Olive was administered close to the irrigation point.

Some benefits of Fertiplus Olive in comparison with unprocessed manure:

  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Hygienic and free from weed seeds
  • Solid composition
  • Good shelf life

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