Experiences of a satisfied user - Dutch

Positive results of Fertiplus® for fruit trees in the Dutch province of Zeeland

One of our main agents in the Netherlands, R. van Wesemael BV, started a trial in 2011 led by Jan van Dillen.

This trial was meant to determine the positive results of the use of Fertiplus® in apple and pear cultivation. For the apple trees they used 3 mtons of Fertiplus  4-3-3 and for the pear trees Fertiplus® 4-2-10. In addition to this they also added extra nitrogen and ammonium sulphate.
After this trial the results where astonishing. Not only a higher yield was obtained by the increase of the fruit size, there was also a higher uptake of nutrients. Especially the uptake of potassium, calcium, magnesium and silicon was visible in the fruit.
This was noticeable in the fruit:

  • bigger size
  • improved hardness
  • improved taste
  • improved colour
  • longer shelf life

You could really see that a better mitosis had taken place.

Other important effects where that the structure of the soil, which mainly exists of clay, improved. Due to the use of Fertiplus®, more biological life was created in the soil. By the increase of this soil life, the uptake of nutrients increased. The structure of the soil improved, and because of this the air and water permeability increased. It is needless to say that the grower was very satisfied, naturally...