Test results: Grapefruit, Spain

In January 2015 FERM O FEED started testing its new product Fertiplus Citrus in grapefruits and oranges in La Campana de Lorca near Murcia in the south-east of Spain. FERTIPLUS CITRUS contains 4-3-7 of NPK and 60% organic matter besides magnesium, iron and varios trace elements, the prime material of our product are 100% natural.

The orange trees were planted in 2015 and no harvest was produced in 2016 because they still have to fully grow before they become productive for the first time at the end of 2017. The Grapefruits were planted in may 2014 and at the end of 2016 they were enough developed to produce fruit for the first time.

The land where the grapefruits are planted has severe fertility problems and in order to get a good agronomic development lost of money has to be invested in agricultural inputs. The limestone soil has a pH from around 8 with results in reduced mobility of the minerals. The irrigation water is also quite alkaline and has a high conductivity. There is also lack of rainwater, the region is like a dessert, but lots of sun hours makes it a suitable place for the production of citrus.

The tests are under the supervision of a specialized technician in citrus cultivation from Onofre Agrochemicals in La Campana, Murcia.

The trail

The size of the grapefruit test field is one ha. Fertiplus Citrus was applied on half of the plot and on the other half no Fertiplus Citrus was applied. All other aplications of inputs were the same for both parts.

In February 2015, ½ kg of Fertiplus Citrus per tree was applied in the irrigation hole right under the drip which coincides with the stand of the plant.

In January 2016, two holes were made per tree each 50 cm from the tree stand. The irrigation was also increased to two drip points per tree, each above a hole. In each hole  ½ kg of Fertiplus was applied so in total we applied 1 kg of Fertiplus Citrus per tree.

The results

During the harvest in November 2016 we quatified the yield for each part of the field. We measured over 35% more fruit produced where Fertiplus Citrus was applied in the winter of 2015 and 2016. Higher yield mainly because there were more fruits per tree. The harvest was carried out on November 3th by manual labor by a group of workers under the supervision of Onofre Agrochemicals and a technician of Ferm O Feed. The results of the November 2017 harvest will be re-examined. Another 1 kg of Fertiplus Citrus will be applied per tree in the beginning of 2017. 

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