Tomato grower is successful with a combination of solid and liquid fertilizers - Malta

Enthusiastic results of one of our customers in the Mediterranean-area.

The tomato-grower grows its crops in the soil after a preparation with Fertiplus 4-2-10, which increases the soil fertility and makes it more airy. The amount of usage is around 250 kg/1000 m². For the watering and fertilizing he uses driptape (not to be confused with drip irrigation with nozzles) and applies our LIQ 2-1-8 during the whole growing. The amount of usage is 3-5 ltr./1000 ltr. of water depending on the stage of the development. Next to the fact that the combination of the two products lead to an excellent result, we also managed to comply with the government wish. To drive their farmers towards sustainable agriculture. Soil is giving so much importance with these methods.

If you are curious about all the ins- and outs of this farmer’s fertilization program, you are more than welcome to contact us. This way you get a clear view of the circumstances on which he developed his optimum usage and application.